About Me

Hello! I am a Texas girl born and raised and currently live in Dallas.
I am a business woman by day and a sewer, crafter, baker, and designer wanna-be by night --and on weekends.  That fact alone should be fair warning that I am by no means a professional when it comes to my alter personalities. I have not been properly trained in anything other than accounting and like to make up my own steps as I go along if the real ones don’t suit me.  My only saving grace --in spite of zero training-- is that I am a perfectionist and don’t give up until the end result is exactly what I want.   
My less exciting, but extremely necessary, day job can also be to blame for my occasional hiatus from blogging. Sometimes, making a living takes precedence and I lose time needed to do fun projects and provide updates. Please forgive me in advance -- I will try hard not to let it happen often. 
When I am blogging, I like to share what I wish I could do, what is actually being done, what’s coming next, what went completely wrong, and everything in between.  I am still an apartment dweller and focus on less permanent, more practical projects so they tend to be on a much smaller scale. This means, for one, that there is very little painting involved. Although I do strongly believe in the power of paint and want to use it to transform a dozen things I have, it is just not feasible without yard or balcony -- among ruining my apartment, the fumes would probably render me completely useless.  Secondly, my only power tool is my sewing machine. I would love to have a garage full of them one day, but for now, she is an only child. In between sewing, crafting, baking and decorating, I like to share fun trips and activities -- everyone needs a break now and then and when life gets in the way, I like to talk about it.
My other loves in life consist of my two puppies, Shiloh and Nolan.  If you follow my ramblings regularly, you’ll soon realize they are spoken of often and photographed even more. They are my babies and I like to share just how cute and adorable they are.  For a cuteness overload, search “puppies” on the blog and you’ll be in heaven.

So that’s me in a nutshell -- or 404 words.  I hope you’ll check in often to see what goes on in the life of a Dallas business woman/sewer/crafter/baker/design enthusiast.