Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Texas Bound!

Today begins the long (half) cross-country road trip from Richmond, VA to Dallas, TX!  And yes, I do live in Dallas but this handsome man does not -- until Friday at least :)

Please ignore our outfits -- they were created for a tacky sweater party and not part of our normal winter attire!
But, back to our journey -- against all common sense, I have flown FROM our destination to Richmond simply to de-board the plane, take a look at the apartment one last time, park myself in a U-haul for countless hours and drive back to Texas.  Seems a little silly, huh? Funny what we’ll do for the ones we love!
We have some fun activities planned and will manage to find ways to entertain ourselves during the long drive, but if you know of any unique, entertaining and creative road trip games, please tell me about them!
Our trip begins in a few short hours -- here's hoping the snow has stopped and the roads aren’t bad!

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