Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

I've been seeing some beautiful Christmas tree pictures around the web and decided to try my hand at photographing my tree to look as lovely as the rest. I've read the key to these wonderful pictures is a slower shutter speed so the camera is able to capture more light. Typically, this would require a tripod since the photos take longer to record and any movement would cause blur. I currently don't have one, so I just tried balancing my camera on the counter, coffee table, and anything else that seemed stable. Here are some of my best -- aka, least blurry -- pictures.

The pictures really do seem to glow more than the first ones I took of the tree a couple weeks ago -- or at least I tell myself that since I spent so much time playing with the camera.  Either way, it really was fun making small adjustments and seeing how each picture turned out. Maybe by next year I'll have a tripod to rest the camera on and be able to really slow things down!

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