Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Have a Confession...

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I already have my apartment decorated for Christmas! I broke my own rule of "no Christmas before Thanksgiving" because I was just too excited. I have nothing new since last year -- for now at least -- but did have a whole new space to decorate. I’d been planning out where I wanted things to go and once I settled on my plan I couldn’t get the thought of putting up the tree out of my head! Not to mention, I had Christmas presents purchased and wrapped with no place to go -- I HAD to put up my tree :)

After a lot of thought, I decided to put my tree to the left of my TV. My other thought was to put it in the solarium (aka my sewing nook) so it could be proudly displayed in the floor to ceiling window, but that would require a bit of furniture rearranging and I realized I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it while I was relaxing on the couch.

I made two large bows layered with red and a sheer gold, glittery ribbon to rest at the top of my tree. The rest of the ornaments I purchased from various places. Maybe one year I’ll get creative and try to make a couple to add to it. The tree skirt is simply a red oval table cloth that I wrapped around the bottom. The Mitz and I had plans to make our own this year, but time has already started slipping away and I’m thinking it may just have to wait until next year. Although I didn’t get to use my sewing machine for a tree skirt this year, I did use it to help add some color to my bar.

I made two of these placemats in just a couple hours on Sunday. I just needed a yard of shimmery red fabric and a spool of gold ribbon. Before I sewed them closed, I realized they would make perfect Christmas pillows if I just stuffed them. Luckily, I have some left over fabric and ribbon, so over the Thanksgiving holiday, I plan to add a little Christmas cheer to my couch as well.

For my centerpiece, I used a hurricane I normally display in the bedroom, and added some cranberries for extra Christmas charm.

My next dilemma was where to hang my stockings this year. In the past, I had a fireplace to hang them from, but this new apartment must not trust its tenants. I absolutely love my apartment, but do wish I had a fireplace for the winter -- a place to hang my stockings, a place to curl up next to on a cold day, and to make my favorite thing in the world -- SMORES! For now, I survive without one and get to be a little more creative when deciding where my stockings should be displayed. I recently finished an art project inspired my one of my favorite blogs, Jones Design Company -- more about the project another day. The color of my paintings was the perfect background to compliment my stockings, and I’d been hoping to find something to add to them. For the holidays, I thought stockings would be perfect!

I found my stockings at Target -- maybe one day I will also attempt to make some of my own -- and spruced them up with a gold leaf pick and more homemade bows. To hang them over the canvases, I simply looped ribbon through the stocking loop and pinned it on the underside to hold into place.

I may not be able to fill them with anything too heavy while they hang, but until I get a fireplace again, I have found them a home.

I am missing some Christmas charm in my entry way, bathroom and bedroom, but here a few other nooks of my apartment that got a little makeover.

More cranberries complete with flameless candles -- perfect for under the cabinet and they come on at 6 and turn off at 11 without my help!

I’ve been told by someone -- I won’t mention names -- that they much prefer this coffee table set up to the one I normally have, so after the holidays, I may be doing some accessory rearranging :)

Yes, even my TV stand got a Christmas makeover. These cabinet doors store lots of books and movies, which I did not find particularly attractive, so I’ve always disguised them with some sort of fabric. My latest cabinet face-lift used a festive blue and brown paisley pattern fabric to hide the mess behind. After seeing it next to my tree for a couple days, I decided it needed to be temporarily removed and I’ve lined the glass with the same wrapping paper I’m using to wrap presents this year. For an extra touch, I tied two tulle bows around the top -- looks so much better sitting next to the Christmas tree without the blue paisley.

I’m still searching for some creative wreath ideas -- one to go above the kitchen sink and another in the entry way -- so I may have more pictures and hopefully more Christmas projects coming soon!

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