Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It’s Official, I’m a Grown-Up

I’ve know this was the case for a while now, but it felt especially true when I could not get the thought of purchasing this steam mop out of my head!
I discovered how much I wanted this mop earlier this week which unfortunately, is too late in my family to add to my Christmas list with any hope of receiving it. I knew my dear sweet boyfriend had not done his Christmas shopping yet -- typical boy -- so I immediately sent him the link with the title, “This is what I want for Christmas!” He kindly told me he would not be purchasing appliances or cleaning supplies as my Christmas present -- I suppose I should see that as a good thing :)

Knowing now that no one would be buying this for me, I decided I just had to have it and would purchase it as a gift for myself and my apartment floors. Unlike any normal person, this could not wait until the weekend or even after work, so I left the office at 12:30 to get it from the nearest Best Buy. I am also a big comparison shopper slash product researcher and found they had the best deal. I even looked up the store closest to me and made sure they had one waiting. Sure enough, it was there when I arrived! I excitedly made my purchase and proudly loaded it in my car and was so disappointed when I realized I could not immediately go home and use it -- who really needs me in the office on a Wednesday afternoon, anyway?!? Well, while I was out -- getting out of our office is a total pain and not something you want to do more than you have too -- I decided to pick up some fun, new nail polish shades, thanks to the Mitz’s inspiring nail polish post. I settled on OPI’s “Thank You Berry Much” for my holiday shade and also picked up a personal favorite, “Bubble Bath.”
With the steam mop and nail polish sitting in my car just 17 floors down, a short walk south, 4 more floors down, a long walk through the concourse, and another 5 floors down -- I told you it was a pain -- I am having a hard time focusing on the work in front of me. It’s hard to decide which I want to play with first when I get home!

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