Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Shiloh!

Today, this sassy little girl turns two!

Here are some sweet Shiloh moments during the last two years...

This tiny hinny picture is when we knew she'd fit in with the rest of the family :)

I lovingly call this her perplexed puppy Einstein look

This was the first day she came home with me!

I tried giving her ice as a "treat" -- her boyfriend Ollie goes nuts for it -- but she wasn't quite as thrilled...

Halloween 2009

This is from her week long stay with Aunt Sammy in Norman -- they forced awful OU sweatshirts on my poor baby!

And this is typical little Shi-Shi -- and dressed much more appropriately, I might add :)

What a sweet and sassy little girl she is becoming! We plan to celebrate the big occasion with her best bud, Ollie, who also turns two this month. More puppy party details to come!

Happy Birthday Little Shi!

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