Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I’m Noticing a Pattern

This one is not design related but does concern something I equally love. While scrolling through pictures on my phone one night, I noticed that this little guy has developed some unique sleeping patterns.
On a typical weekend day, he loves to follow his momma everywhere. When I take a few moments to be still or work on a project, he takes the opportunity to get a little rest. On days like this, I have found him snuggled up next to the coffee table, half buried under the couch for some darker and more cozy sleeping arrangements, or taking advantage of a rarely open shelf.

At night, when he has a couple lucky hours on the couch, he takes full advantage of the pillows in a typical Nolan, very non-traditional way.

Rather than pushing the pillows over and sleeping on the large, open, flat surface, he likes to wrap himself around them or lay right over the top while they stay upright.

This last photo is by far the most unusual and my personal favorite.

I'd like to think he was just wanting to look out the window, but it was dark and the curtains were closed, so the most likely explanation is that he just found this to be the most comfortable sleeping arrangement that night. 
None of these photos were action shots snapped at just the right moment to make him look like an awkward little boy. I’ve discovered, he genuinely enjoys laying in all these unique positions and stays in each one while he takes a little siesta. He truly is a goofy little pup and I hope he never changes!

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