Friday, March 25, 2011

Kool with a Capital "K"

I did it -- I jumped on the moss-covered-letter bandwagon. I’ve been seeing them all over the blogging world and in the catalogues of my favorite retailers lately and I just love the natural warmth they exude.  I think it’s a great way to introduce some outdoor elements in your home without any of the maintenance or up-keep -- I’m not the greatest at keeping things alive so this is perfect. EXCEPT when it comes to Shiloh and Nolan; I promise they’re happy and healthy!
Anyway, after seeing these letters popping up everywhere and quickly discovering the pre-made ones were most definitely out of my price range, I knew it’d be a quick and inexpensive project I could do all my own. 
Here’s what I started with -- I did mine late last night so please forgive the dark photos!
I used sheet moss because I desired a more flat looking letter but I have seen puffy, three-dimensional letters put together with loose pieces of moss that also look great -- totally depends on the style you’re going for.
When you see what I started with and what the end result looks like, I think it’s pretty self-explanatory and most likely has more than one way to get there.  So, in pictures with very few words, this is what I did start-to-finish in about 30 minutes.
I decided to hang mine in front of a mirror which I have in my entry way but you could hang it anywhere, set it on a shelf or table and lean it against any wall. The only downside I’ve discovered with hanging in front of a mirror -- as you can see from the last picture -- is from certain angles, you can see the exposed letter on the back side.  After about 12 hours of hanging, this has bothered me enough that I’m going to take mine down and add some moss to the back so that none of the white is showing.  Very simple fix if you choose to hang in front of a mirror -- just easier to do prior to display! 

I am loving this super easy project -- I smile every time I walk out the door!  If you want more step-by-step instructions or examples to view, these blogs were two of my favorite sources of inspiration.

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