Friday, May 27, 2011

A Very Long Overdue "After"

It seems like ages ago I mentioned wanting to rearrange my apartment.  I played around with several floor plans and ultimately decided on Option 1.  It was a favorite among those I harassed politely asked for opinions from and made the most sense for the way I live. I really needed to pick an option which kept the sewing nook all it’s own since this fast growing hobby is taking over the apartment.
Despite revealing this more than 5 months later, I actually did the rearranging immediately.  Boyfriend moved to Dallas shortly after I made a decision, and once he was settled, I put him to work helping me recreate option one.  It looks mostly like the picture with the exception of a second chair and the end table is on the other side of the love seat. Here is a shot from the entrance to the great room: 
One from the other corner -- you can see my lonely chair and awkward nightstand posing as a side table:
Here’s an attempt to show how the sewing nook relates to the rest of the space: 
Overall, I’m really happy with the change.  I like how the living room feels cozier and separated from the kitchen, more like it's own space. I also love that I eat at the bar almost every night now and the glare on the TV is practically non-existent -- even in the middle of the day with tons of light pouring in through the massive windows. 
I’m still trying to fix up the blue wall to my liking. It feels a little too random and disconnected from everything else right now.   
I’m also trying to figure out a way to utilize the space behind the loveseat.  Due to centering the TV and couch on the window, the loveseat is a good 3 feet from the wall behind it.  
I’d love to be able to utilize this space somehow. I recently inherited a great new piece of furniture that I think may help with this. Once I figure these things out, I’ll be sure to show some updates -- there’s a good chance more rearranging is to come!

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