Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Holiday Happenings, Part 2

For Christmas this year, my sister got me the Canon  EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens -- how did she know it was exactly what I wanted?!  :)
It's perfect for all the close-up shots I like to take while I'm working on projects and around the holidays, it's great for creating the popular bokeh effect.  So, before taking my tree down, I decided to give it a try and came up with some fun photos.

I placed a small stool about 8 feet in front of my tree and grabbed any object close by to set on top. I took some photos during the day and some at night and think I like the effect at night better.

I even tried to get some of the puppies while I was at it. Shiloh didn't mind having to sit on the wobbly stool too much -- I know she needs a haircut and a bath! -- but Nolan just wasn't having it.

With a little more practice, maybe I can get the puppies to cooperate for next year -- and plan better with some freshly groomed little ones!

As for me and my new lens, I'm in love and using it daily -- thank you Samantha!


  1. Aw, Kiki! I love the picture of Shiloh! Good job! You are doing great with your new lens! :)

  2. I've just found your nice! Are your puppies Maltese??? I have a Morkie named Ginger...her mama is a Maltese, and the daddy was a Yorkie. Ginger's face looks a lot like your little ones.
    Will be reading more of your blog. I'm loving your sewing room!!!