Monday, January 16, 2012

Sewing Nook Makeover -- Painting

Progress -- more specifically, painting -- has been slow going on the sewing/craft nook makeover, but things are finally starting to come together! This is especially exciting because the level of un-organization is really starting to get to me and I have at least 5 things lined up on my sewing to do list that I'm anxious to get started on -- Katie, yours is at the top of my list! 

As of this morning, the nook is looking like this...

It's a tad bit messy but I see it as a vast improvement over the 'doors-and-drawers-everywhere-drying' look I had going on just a few days ago.  Several things to note in that picture: first, the desk is totally complete and finally in working order, just need to find a chair to sit at so I can start sewing again! second, the new hardware has been installed -- yay! and a BIG THANKYOU to the boy for drilling all those new holes! third, the doors need to be reinstalled and fourth, the back to the china hutch is still untouched and unattached.

First things first, the painting. My strategy basically consisted of a lot of online research -- mostly reading through posts such as this and this from some of my favorite DIY bloggers -- and talking to the wonderful people at home depot when I purchased supplies.  Since this was my first painting adventure and I am by no means talented in this area, I'll keep my description of the process to this: I removed all doors, drawers, and hardware, filled necessary holes with wood filler, sanded everything with medium grit sandpaper, de-glossed every surface, primed, painted (x3), added a protective poly coat (x3), reinstalled new/old hardware, and put drawers and doors back on.  For each of those steps, I simply followed the directions on the bottle/tub/can to find out the best application process or tool to use and proper drying times.  I followed the same steps for the desk and china hutch, just using different paint colors. 

When it was finally time to add the hardware, I was equally excited as I was scared.  After all that work, the last thing I wanted, was to drill a hole in the wrong place or have things not level and even with one another.  I decided the most fool-proof method was to make a template and have the boy do the drilling -- of course he didn't mind since it meant he could use power tools :) 

Template may actually imply something fancier than I used -- I simply traced one of my drawer pulls onto a piece of card stock, and found the center of each circle.  I then measured on each drawer or door to find the proper placement, secured the template with painters tape, and the boy drilled right through the center.  When it came time to attach the handles, all were spaced perfectly and they appear to be even with one another!

After making it through that exciting/scary step, I was eager to get the doors put back on. When I removed all the old hardware, I kept everything in a bag in case pieces needed to be reused.  I tried for days -- on foot and online -- to find nickel hinges to replace the old brass ones so they match the new drawer pulls, but had no luck. Apparently, the half circle hinge in size 1 3/4" is not popular these days.

After accepting hinge defeat, I decided to put the old brass ones back on and hope it isn't too noticeable. If it does bother me, I can always attempt to spray paint them later on.  So, while the boy was finishing the new drawer pulls, I started reattaching the old hinges and the doors.  With the first one in place, I proceeded to close it to make sure the fit was right and to my horror, found this...

I must have been too eager to even notice that the old screws were two different sizes -- a longer one that fits into the china hutch and a slightly shorter one for the doors.  I felt utterly defeated.  Knowing I would have to go through the painting process once again on this door, I angrily removed it and the hinge and called it a night. Despite the set-back, I'm hoping to get the other doors attached soon -- triple checking screw sizes -- and start filling it up! I figure I can handle one missing drawer for a couple days :)

Along with correcting the door, I have to decide on what to do with the back.  I bought some fabric that I want to line it with, but when I draped it over, I noticed you could see the wood paneling showing through. Right now I'm deciding between painting it and then adding the fabric, or simply getting a solid piece of white fabric to attach underneath.  The double fabric option seems to be the fastest solution, but down the road, I may appreciate having the back painted the same as the rest of the hutch in case I decide to scrap the fabric -- pun intended :)  I suppose it won't be too much more work since I'll have the paint out for some hinge mishap corrections. So, you know what I'll be doing this week -- fingers crossed that I'll be done in just a few more days!

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  1. I can't believe how good that looks!! Much better than the ugly 70's look it had before!!
    PS I created "a blog" just so I can comment again! haha it asked what I want my name to look like? or something... anyways, it is
    the sister" haha. yay I can comment again!