Friday, July 29, 2011

My New Sidekick

There was one more change in the sewing / dog nook I failed to mention in yesterday's crate update. Did anyone notice? I fully expect the answer to that question to be 'No' without my giant aqua circle pointing out what I want you to see.

I got a new sewing machine! -- or at least a 'new to me' sewing machine. My wonderful aunt, who so kindly gifted me my first one, heard how much I'd been sewing and enjoying her old machine. She realized she hardly ever used the one she currently had, which was a few models and gadgets better than mine, and thought I might get more use out of it. So, she proposed we swap -- she'd take her first machine back and I'd take the newer, more fancy one. Sold!  I was so excited to have even more choices and options to pick from -- not that I'd fully tried all that the old machine had to offer -- but still, in my mind this one had even more potential.

I soon learned that more potential also equals a much longer learning curve.  Although this swap took place a couple months ago, I am still trying to get used to this machine. It isn't significantly different when it comes to choosing a stitch, winding the bobbin, threading the needle, etc., but it just has a different 'feel' to it that I'm trying to get used to. This has meant more time learning and figuring things out and a little less time completing full projects. I think I've finally got the basics down and learned a few new tricks, but still have a long way to go and lots to discover. 

One thing I'm very excited about eventually learning is the embroidery feature. This is an area I have not dared open in the instruction manual yet, but can envision using on many projects down the road -- once I'm brave enough to learn it! So, prepare yourself to see many future sewing projects with some sort of initial, name, picture, etc. embroidered on it. And, without further adieu, here is the machine that can do it all!

Ain't she purdy -- and also a little complicated and intimidating all at the same time? I definitely thought so for a few weeks. But, now that I'm feeling a little more comfortable with the new girl, I have a lot of sewing projects I plan to cross off the list.  I'm even contemplating a 'Seven Projects in Seven Days' challenge to get me going -- but I have yet to commit. Maybe the weekend will give me some motivation...

Happy Friday to everyone!

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  1. Love it! I totally think you are ready for the challenge!